Greenways and Trails

In 1990, Delaware Greenways planned the First Greenway in the First State - the Northern Delaware Greenway. The project began with a vision to link existing parkland between the Delaware River and the Brandywine River by acquiring critical parcels of open space to create a linear park just north of Wilmington. The construction of a hiking and biking trail through the interconnected parkland was completed in 2009. The Northern Delaware Greenway has inspired many similar initiatives throughout the state of Delaware.

Delaware Greenways is the only statewide non-profit organization dedicated to establishing greenways. Our Greenways and Trails program focuses on preserving existing greenway corridors and developing new ones to help protect water quality, safeguard historic and cultural resources, improve air quality, maintain plant and animal biodiversity, sustain and enhance Delaware's scenic beauty, and provide space for recreation and active transportation.

Increasing the number of greenways and trails in Delaware requires vision, partnerships, research, planning, and community engagement. Delaware Greenways works in all three counties to develop, coordinate, garner funding for, promote, and maintain greenways and trails (see some of our current trail and greenway projects listed at right and click for more information and a map). Delaware's First State Trails and Pathways Plan is a major step forward in the expansion of trails and greenways throughout the state. Delaware Greenways will continue to work with the state and our partners to help this plan reach fruition

A popular and critical component of our Greenways and Trails program is the trail maintenance and safety efforts driven by our volunteer Trail Stewards. Trail Stewards and our Trail Maintenance Days ensure that our trails and greenways are safe and clean. By providing commitment to maintenance support, new trails are more likely to be built and existing trails are more likely to be used an enjoyed.

A greenway is a linear corridor of open space set aside for conservation or recreation. Greenways are established to: Some of our favorite existing and planned Greenways and Trails in Delaware include: