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Delaware Greenways is an active partner in the Citizens for Responsible Growth ( CRG) alliance. CRG promotes responsible and sustainable development and seeks to work collaboratively with developers and advocates for smart growth that is in the best interest of the Community. View the latest developments of CRG and its efforts to curb the density and height of large-scale development proposals impacting the Brandywine Valley National Scenic Byway.

Steering Committee Members,
As we find ourselves at a critical juncture, it is important that you please forward this update to members of your respective associations in order to keep our community informed of development plans in progress and the efforts of our organization. Thank you for your continued help and vigilance.

Mark Chura, Steering Committee Chair

New Castle County Planning Board Reviews Greenville Center Plan

CRG Rallies Opposition

Citizens for Responsible Growth once again mobilized more than two dozen community members to present prepared testimony before the New Castle County Planning Board on January 5th opposing a twelve-story tower at Greenville Center, which remains part of the Stoltz Development Partners plan for development of that site. More than 150 area residents were in attendance to support the opposition. (See CRG In The News - Community Publications article).

Regrettably, despite a Herculean effort by members of our organization over the last two years to offer Stoltz constructive input from the community (See CRG Negotiating in Good Faith - sidebar), thus far, plans for the Greenville Center and Barley Mill Plaza projects remain unchanged.

As has been customary at the Planning Board Meetings over the last year, board members asked the attorneys for Stoltz to address the legitimate concerns of the community, which included traffic and other issues, but the request went unanswered. Because the board does not vote on the projects put before it, and the Greenville Center proposal has already been deemed by the County Land Use Department to be code compliant, it is anticipated that the plans will go forward - an outcome that is completely unacceptable to Citizens for Responsible Growth and the community at large.

Next Steps for CRG

Preparing for Litigation

The unsatisfying outcome of the latest Planning Board Meeting on Greenville Center, and the fact that Stoltz has formally filed for the 2.8 million square foot project at Barley Mill Plaza even after publicly promising the community that the plan would be scaled back to 1.7 million square feet, has left the community outraged.

County Councilman Bob Weiner has suggested that the community consider all options, including taking legal action, to address the apparent violations of the County's Unified Development Code as applied to the Stoltz projects.

Leaders of our organization had hoped their good faith efforts would preclude the need for such action; however, under the present circumstances, Citizens for Responsible Growth has decided to continue to pursue our options, including preparing for litigation. Meanwhile, we will continue our appeal to our state and county governments and Stoltz to act responsibly.

As reported in our last newsletter, CRG has already sent the Land Use Department a 20 page Request For Interpretation, which the UDC requires the Land Department to answer in conjunction with the County Law Department. A copy of the Request For Interpretation can be viewed on the CRG website.

Stoltz Managment Admonished by DelDOT

Damaged Trees at Greenville Center

On January 11, DelDOT issued a letter to Stoltz Management Inc. after they were caught "topping" trees on the corner of Kennett Pike and Buck Roads. The trees are located within the DelDOT Right of Way and are maintained by the Kennett Pike Association.

The letter gives Stoltz ten days to respond to the issue of damages before the matter is turned over to the Attorney General's office.

"Stoltz really showed their true colors in this situation," said John Danzeisen, KPA president. "Apparently, the trees were not the shade of green that most interests them."

Did You Know?

Did you know that Routes 52 and 100 in Delaware have been designated as a National Scenic Byway? This is one of the reasons why the protection and preservation of this area is so critical.

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Citizens for Responsible Growth would like to thank all who contribute to the success of our mission - to advocate for responsible and sustainable growth that strikes the appropriate balance between economic development and the preservation of the unique scenic character of the Brandywine Valley and natural and historic resources surrounding our communities. Please visit our website.

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CRG Negotiating in Good Faith
Citizens for Responsible Growth has been negotiating in good faith with Stoltz Real Estate Partners since 2008.

Met with Keith Stoltz and agreed to prompt community support of mutually acceptable designs for Barley Mill Plaza and Greenville Center

Reached out to various affected communities and met with Stoltz engineers and representatives to work toward a reduction in scale of both projects

Hired nationally-renowned community planning firm, Torti Gallas, and traffic engineering firm, Orth Rogers Associates, to help develop designs that would be mutually acceptable

Hosted land use planning charrettes to educate the community on mixed-use options for the sites

Mobilized community representation at multiple NCC Planning Board meetings and raised specific issues that would impact development planning

Developed alternate plans for both projects that illustrated features the community and the Land Use Department could support and offered Stoltz equal, or greater, square footage, but with height restrictions

Presented alternative plans in a public forum, inviting the community as well as public officials, members of Land Use and Stoltz representatives

Submitted alternative plans to Stoltz

We need your help
CRG will continue to appeal to the county and state governments and Stoltz Real Estate Partners; however, as approval of these projects is imminent, the organization is preparing for litigation as a last attempt to protect your community. We need your help.

If the Brandywine Valley is dear to you, and if you don't want your tax dollars used to subsidize these projects, please donate generously to preserve it!

If you would like to make a contribution to Citizens for Responsible Growth, please visit our website or send a check payable to CRG in New Castle County:

c/o Patty Hobbs
P.O. Box 4185
Greenville, DE 19807